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Which is the best - BitDefender Internet Security 2016 or Norton Security 2016

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Are you looking for a software that can cover all your security threats, without interrupting your activities?

Let us look into the features offered by the two most renowned names in the security field - BitDefender and Norton.

Depending on the use, you can select from the three types of securities provided by the BitDefender - Bitdefender Antivirus, Bitdefender Internet Security, and Bitdefender Total Security.  Since, you are looking for safety while browsing the best choice will be the BitDefender Internet Security 2016 as it  comes with a lot of useful bonus features that can provide extra layers of security to your devices.

Symantec, the developers of Norton Security 2016, offers comprehensive tools to ensure all-round protection for all your Macs, iOS and Android devices. It is also packed with a number of great features that can protect you from the online frauds.
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When compared with Norton Security 2016

BitDefender and Norton were able to get good score in individual lab tests, however, when the final results were compared BitDefender emerged as the winner.  BitDefender has been just more than a stand alone antivirus, as it is packed with many relevant and up-to-the-minute tools that can help you use the internet without any worries.

When you install Norton it automatically adds an add-on to the web browser, which detects all the possible potential threats and blocks the navigation to potentially dangerous site. Moreover, the Norton safe search and Norton Identity safe, which is a password manager, is very effective in protecting your data from being hacked. When it comes to BitDefender, the layer of protection is enhanced by adding a lot more features, which include - password manager that can hold all the sensitive information including your credit card details in a secure vault. BitDefender uses advanced marking systems to mark the links obtained as the search results from Google, Bing or even Yahoo. The novel technology blocks the access, even if you have accidently clicked on an infected link.

Norton provides Norton Safe Web for Facebook to scan all your News Feed and identifies the dangerous downloads. Depending on the results you and your friends will be warned of all the potential dangers that you may come across. BitDefender has gone one step ahead of Norton by providing Social Network Protection, which is not just limited to Facebook. Let it be any social networking site, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, the BitDefender will block all the malicious e-threats that are passed to you.

When Norton failed to provide a weekly report, BitDefender did not forget to include a weekly report, with all the details of the malware and removed threats.

The parental control feature of Norton is very powerful enough to protect your kid  from the online threats. However, the Parental control feature of BitDefender is more advanced as it gives you more options to have greater control over the internet usage of your kid. One of the highlighted feature is the use of the Android App that informs the parent whenever the child tries to break their restriction.

Norton is very powerful and can perform fast vulnerability scans to identify the threats. It reports the details of the threat. If you are using BitDefender, it will work silently in the background removing and blocking any kind of e-threat without disturbing the user or his activity. The intelligent technology can precisely decide what to do with the threat and execute the actions without any delay.
Features BitDefender Internet Security 2016 Norton Security 2016
Ransomware protection Yes No
Spam Filter Yes Yes
Firewall Yes Yes
Form filler Yes Yes
Monthly report shows details of your PC's activities Yes No
Rootkit protection Yes Yes
Windows 10 support Yes Yes
Anti Phishing Yes Yes
File Shredder Yes No
Remote Management Yes No
Identity theft protection Yes Yes
Enhanced battery life Yes No
Browser protection Yes Yes
USB Immunizer Yes No
Auto pilot mode Yes No
Parental control Yes Yes
Vulnerability Scan Yes Yes

BitDefender and Norton are veterans in providing security solutions to the users. Norton has divided their products to make it easy for the users to pick the right one that matches their need. On the other hand, BitDefender has tried to integrate all the novel features to ensure maximum security for their valuable users. One of the highlights of BitDefender is that the inclusion of these many features has not cast any impact on the performance of the system. When taking into account the performance and effectiveness, no other antivirus program is as good as BitDefender, making it one of the best picks available in the market.
A look at the feature list of BitDefender Internet Security 2016

Even though both the packages are ready to use with Windows 10, BitDefender provides more features than a simple standalone antivirus application. The inclusion of different tools like SafePay and password manager is specially designed to protect your sensitive information while making online transactions. Moreover, BitDefender provides you a wide range of tools to wipe out the traces of the sensitive information left in the device, making it impossible for the evildoers to retrace it.

Salient Features of BitDefender

- Ransomware Protection
- Bitdefender Photon
- USB Immunizer
- Social Network Protection
- One click security
- Password Manager

Unlike other antivirus software, BitDefender is packed with a number of tools that are available only in a suite. Here we will have a look at the advanced features provided by BitDefender that makes it the number one choice.

Best Performance

The integration of Bitdefender Photon allows the BitDefender to work swiftly and improve the speed of the system. The integration of Bitdefender Autopilot offers hassle free use of the tools. You need not worry about any kind of threat or how to solve a threat, as the novel autopilot feature is capable of taking care of the issuing without affecting the performance of the device. The fast vulnerability scanner quickly detects missing patches, outdated software or cracks that can lead to a threat. The enhanced battery mode wisely manages the power use and gives extra battery life. In addition to all these, the BitDefender monitors your activity and temporarily pauses the unwanted background process, prevents pop-ups, and adjust system settings so that it does not disturb you, while you are playing games or watching multimedia.

Freedom to use any Flash Drive

BitDefender has integrated a USB Immunizer which gives you the freedom to use any flash drive from your friends, without worrying about being infected.  It immunizes the drive and blocks all the virus from infecting your PC.

Zero impact on performance

BitDefender is always active and continuously monitors the activities, and tags all the suspicious activities. It works silently in the background, without affecting the performance of the device.

Efficient Spam filtering

The Antispam tool is so powerful that it capable of blocking the spam email from reaching the inbox.

Browse anything

No matter how much time you spent on the internet, the BitDefender will be vigilant to protect you from all types of threat. It can not only detect, but also block the malicious website from being loaded even if you have clicked on the link. Some like to spend more time on Facebook sharing the news feed or updates from friends, while some others may be interested in Twitter, or Pinterest. Regardless of which social network you are using, the BitDefender inspects each link and warns you about the hidden threats, if any.

Safe Online Transactions

BitDefender Safepay can relieve you from the worries of getting into the hands of any online fraud. It keeps all the critical information safe and away from the hackers. The dedicated browser enhances the security so that you can be much sure of the safety of the online transactions.

Moreover, the Sensitive Anti-fraud will help you to identify and block fake websites that can cause any kind of threat.


- Remote Management
- Advanced Parental control using Android app
- Antispam
- Powerful Anti-phishing
- Hassle-free use
- Zero impact on performance of the device
- Sensitive Anti-fraud
- Social Network Protection


- First time user may have some problem using SafePay

Screen Shots

You can easily access any tool with much ease
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