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Privacy Policy

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BitDefender gives high priority to the safety of the data and protects it by all means. They use the data collected to enhance the user experience as well as improve the security. The users who are visiting any of the BitDefender’s website or using their service agree to follow the practices described in the privacy statement.

BitDefender stores all the information about the users to customize their preferences or services and to communicate the latest offers as well as introduce new products. BitDefender not only use cookies to gather information, but also use all the details you enter, while surfing so that it can offer you the best customized service. All the data about the online services used and all the information you have entered gets updated in the company’s database, whenever there is a change.

You need not worry about the safety of the data as BitDefender never use it for their profit or sell it. The information, if shared will be limited to the trustworthy affiliates, partners or subsidiaries of BitDefenders. Data is released only if the transfer of data complies with the law and conditions of user agreements and the exchange aims to protect the users from online frauds and credit risk reduction. If the company moves through the different stages of development, such as acquisition of a new company or entity, then in such cases, the customer information is considered as a transferred business assets.

BitDefender does not entertain the purchase by children below the age of 18. If you are under 18 years and need to take advantage of the offers, services or product from BitDefender, you have to  make the transaction through your parents.

By visiting or using the BitDefender services in anyway means that you agree to the privacy policy and terms and conditions of use. The company holds the right to make changes in its privacy statement, without any prior notice and it is the duty of the user to keep updated with the changes company has made.