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Stay Protected with the World’s Top Rated Security Soltuion - BitDefender Internet Security 2016 or Avast Internet Security 2016?

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35% Off BitDefender Internet Security 2016 Coupon

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35% OFF Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 Coupon
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Features BitDefender Internet Security 2016 Avast Internet Security 2016
AutoPilot Yes No
Quick Scanner Yes No
Anti-Virus Yes Yes
Anti-Spam Yes Yes
Ransomware Protection Yes Yes
Anti-fraud Protection Yes No
Profiles Yes Yes
File Shredder Yes No
Social Network Protection Yes Yes
Firewall Yes Yes
Boot-time scanner No Yes
Remote Assistance No Yes
Green computing No Yes
Secure Online Transactions Yes Yes
Windows 10 compatible Yes Yes
Internet security experts are much disturbed by the exponential increase in the number of cyber attacks, and emerging e-threats. Thanks! To the modern technology that can safeguard the digital world from these attacks. To worsen the situation, a number of software companies have come forth releasing new security suites or applications in the market, which claims to offer top-class security for the devices. The flooding of such suites in the market has brought in new confusions in the minds of the customers. Only a good understanding of the suite and the technologies used can eliminate the confusions and will help the customer choose the perfect one for their use.

BitDefender or Avast - Which is the Best?

BitDefender is a Romanian based software giant that has introduced a wide array of security programs for different users, regardless of the platform. Products from BitDefender is known for their high efficiency  with zero impact on the system performance. The ease of use and high detection rate of malware has made BitDefender the number one security program. BitDefender Internet Security 2016 is  designed to give you a complete protection against almost all known and emerging e-threats.

Avast, headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic is the one of the most-trusted security providers that has around 230 million users around the globe. The expert team of Avast integrates the novel technology with the result of data analytics, to design the most intelligent security shield that can remove almost all malware from your device. They provide security to PC and mobiles and for enterprises and home users. Avast Internet Security 2016 uses the new technology developed by the expert research wing of Avast to serve as an anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware etc.

Highlighted features of BitDefender Internet Security 2016

- One click security
- Autopilot
- Anti-Spam
- Anti-Rootkit
- Web Filtering
- Photon
- Smart Scan

More Details….

Fastest System Speed

The die-hard search of the BitDefender’s skilled developers has led to the evolution of Bitdefender Photon technology that can work seamlessly with your system settings, giving maximum performance and security.

The smart technology monitors your activity and finds whether you are working, playing games or watching movies. Then it automatically adjusts the system settings, such as visual settings, temporarily removes the pop-ups and pauses the unwanted background processes, so that your activity does not get disturbed.  The enhanced battery mode adds an extra milestone to your comfort by maximizing battery time for laptops and tablets. This is achieved by temporarily altering the cooling system, system update or Bluetooth.
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File Shredder

File Shredder is one of the most vital protection tools that can wipe off even the traces of the deleted file from your device so that no one can ever recover or use it.

Sensitive Anti-fraud and Active Threat Control

The Anti-fraud protection scans the website you visit and warns the user about the potential fraud risks that you may encounter.
Active threat control as the name indicates remain always active, monitors and tags all the suspicious activities. The proficient behavioural detection technology is used by the active threat control.

Ransomware Protection

BitDefender is very competent in blocking all the known and emerging threats that can encrypt and lead to demanding of ransom on your personal files. Unlike other applications, BitDefender allows its user to select the areas which need protection.

Complete Data Protection

Let it be any threat, ranging from traditional virus to the most modern e-threats, BitDefender offers complete data protection from almost anything - Rootkit, Trojans, Ransomware, Worms, Zero-day exploits, or Spyware.

Unbeaten Security

Search results from Google, Yahoo and Bing can contain malicious links, which can infect your device. The novel features protects your system even if you click on a malicious link, unintentionally, as it will be blocked by the BitDefender.

It is very hard to remove the rootkit threats within the Windows Operating System. In such cases, the rescue mode of the BitDefender allows the system to bootup in rescue mode for cleanup and restoration.


The dominant firewall scans and monitors all the incoming and outgoing traffic, even if you are using a Wi-Fi network and blocks the threats.

USB Immunizer

It gives you peace of mind while using the flash drives of your friends, as it immunizes the flash drive and eliminates all the threats.
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