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Key features of BitDefender include

- Cloud based Anti-spam filter
- Photon technology
- Quick vulnerability scanner
- One click security
- Autopilot

Features of BitDefender in detail

BitDefender internet security is packed with a number of unique and useful features to ensure maximum protection for its user, while surfing.

Extreme ease of use

BitDefender has tried to integrate all the tools to make your life hassle-free. The inclusion of AutoPilot, remote management, and Photon technology are only a few to mention. The password manager can automatically fill in the credentials so that you need  not fill in the details, each time.

Scan the cloud

The Cloud Integration allows the user to  run all possible scanning in the Cloud, without affecting the system performance.

Vulnerability scanner

It is very quick in effectively finds out the security patches and the outdated software, which can be a threat to the security of the system. It can also detect potentially unsafe system settings, with just one click.
bitdefender vulnerability scan
Focus on your activities

The innovative technology used by the BitDefender detects your activity and ensures that you are  not disturbed by any unnecessary pop-ups. It finds out whether you are playing games, watching movies, surfing or working and adjust the system settings or pause the unwanted background processes so that you can remain more focused on your activity.

File Shredder

Deleting a file does not ensure that the records are permanently deleted from the device. The File Shredder tool from BitDefender is very proficient at removing even the traces of the deleted file so that it cannot be recovered using any recovery software.

Browse Safely

The search result from the most renowned search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing can contain malicious links and a click on them can expose your system to e-threats. BitDefender Internet Security 2016 ensures that all the links displayed are safe. Moreover, if you have clicked on a malicious link unintentionally, then the BitDefender will automatically block it, before it gets loaded.


The powerful tool SafePay will help you bank online without any worries. It will help you to make online transactions from a secure and dedicated browser. It can fill in the credit card details in the billing section, without any help from the user.

Anti-phishing, Anti-fraud and Anti-Spam

Most of the internet security suite comes with anti-phishing and anti-spam features. The powerful anti-phishing property of BitDefender is very effective in blocking the websites that masquerades as a trustworthy entity and try to get access of your financial details.

Only a very few security suite features the Anti-fraud tool. The sensitive anti-fraud of BitDefender warns you whenever you visit a website that can prove to be potentially dangerous to the system.

BitDefender’s Anti-spam works effectively by removing the junk emails from reaching your inbox.

USB Immunizer

BitDefender’s USB Immunizer can protect your system from being infected by a flash drive. The USB immunizer works on the flash drive and will immunize it, so that you will be safe from all dangers.

Ransomware Protection

BitDefender gives unbeaten protection to its users by blocking all ransomware, no matter it is new or unknown, from encrypting and demanding ransom on your personal files.

Advanced threat control

BitDefender uses behavioural detection technology to monitor all the active programs and tag the suspicious activities. This increases the security and provides peace of mind to the users. The quick scan is yet another feature that makes the use of BitDefender much easy.
quick scan
Rescue Mode

BitDefender uses the rescue mode to remove the e-threats, such as rootkits, which is hard to get rid within the Windows Operating System.


- Consistent and Unbeaten performance
- Zero impact on the performance of the system
- Secured online transactions
- USB Immunizer
- Social Network Protection


- First time users will find it hard to use SafePay